Diet Menu

Diet Menu

Losing weight can only come from a change in your eating habits. You will find in your meals all the protein, complex carbohydrates, fatty acids, fibers, minerals, and vitamins that you need to be and feel healthy.

Choosing lean cuts of meat and poultry as well as using healthy cooking methods for fish is a good source of iron and proteins without consuming a high quantity of saturated fats.

A large variety of vegetables will provide fiber and vitamins with a low amount of calories and a small portion of starch (source of complex carbohydrates) at each meal will provide an important source of energy, which suppresses hunger.

Dairy is the main source of calcium, which is important to fight osteoporosis, and should be consumed low fat or fat free.

It is important to focus on what is good for you without losing the pleasure of eating. A very strict diet, which will be difficult to follow and will make you feel hungry and frustrated, is not recommended. It can lead you to give up and go back to your old eating habits. In addition, fast weight loss involves the loss of water and muscle. Muscles are very important to have nice body shape, tone, and a higher base metabolic rate (calories burnt at rest). Exercising on a regular basis is a great way to improve your base metabolic rate and achieve a leaner figure.

The goal of a successful program is to help you loose pounds and stabilize your weight instead of gaining all the pounds back as soon as you stop paying attention to what you eat. Once you reach your healthy weight, it’s time for a stabilization phase, where you keep eating healthy and well balanced but will reintroduce in your diet a little more vegetable oil for cooking, a desert once a week, a little bit more starch.

Keeping your mind busy by exercising, reading, and taking advantage of your free time with new activities will help you forget that you are dieting. Having your new healthy habits become part of your way of life in a very natural way is the key to your success.

Diet Menu is a USA based dieting menu and health program, whose discussed benefits of Best Weekly Healthy Diet Menu.

Modifast Diet

Modifast Diet

There are only a few words to describe the Modifast Diet such as simple, quick, powerful and refined. Here in this article you can read more information about this diet such as what products are required, what exactly is the diet, how you get fast outcomes and also experiences of people who have pursued this diet. Given below we also mentioned the benefits of this diet.

Powerful and fast weight loss with Modifast Diet:

There are numerous weight loss plans on the internet and even popular athletes, which are very attractive but not so useful. Day in and day out try to practice this diet to pursue, without any result and we also consider that Modifast diet is a good, challenging and very effective to lose those extra pounds. After some days of pursuing this diet regular, your body will burn fat all by the consuming low number of calories each day. This Modifast diet includes 500 calories only.

Sophisticated waste:

It is essential that weight loss is well done and good and it is not just a diet, then that everything goes effortlessly. We then suggest a controlled diet, since some researches reveal that the most useful weight loss is escorted by an advisor. The advisors have great experience of the Modifast diet, since they themselves have created this diet numerous times and have discussed with this diet.

Simple weight loss:

There are some other diets needs a lot like a list of foods that should be consumed each day and such, but when Modifast diet is very unique.


We fix a great value to both the optimistic and pessimistic sides to abstain from this diet. So we request you to fill out the form mention below, what is your experience with the Modifast Diet and also it has had an encouraging effect or even a bad effect. We would like information passionate, therefore this diet only can get improved. Most who have pursued this diet in no time their lost pounds, optimistically you will experience the same!

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The yeast free diet also known as the Candida diet is the one thing preferred by many naturalists for detoxing the body which has got the yeast over growth. So it really needs a lot of determination on your part if you have decided to fight up against the yeast. A strict Candida diet candida cleanse regime must be followed to win the battle against the yeast.

Once diagnosed with Candida we tend to love eating all the sugary candies, jellos, carb-high food stuff, dairy products as well as pickles. However only when the right kind of food stuff is taken in our body can work out the way to detox itself from the yeast!

The ideal Candida diet or Candida cleanse snack items includes:


This is the one which tops the list but this popcorn should be home made and not bought with any kind of readymade items. The popcorn can be made with a little bit of salt and butter and this delicious candida free snack can be eaten at those times when you crave too much for any crunchy snacks. Also remember that when the yeast has taken hold of your body your body would crave all the more for sugary items as sugar is always a welcome ground which promotes the growth of the fungus.


Nuts are always welcomed when taken in minimal amounts it is not something to be ignored. Almonds, cashewnuts and even pumpkin / sun flower seeds are noted for the healthy snack item

A simple yet quick recipe for a snack item can be always tried out.


Take one cup of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, half a tea spoon of cinnamon, quarter a spoon of xylitol or stevia, one table spoon coconut oil and one table spoon vanilla extract.

Now grind seeds and nuts into a coarse meal using your mixer grinder. All the ingredients except the vanilla and the coconut oil should be mixed well. Once they are finely crushed mix in the coconut oil and the vanilla extract. Now test for the sweetness and adjust wherever necessary. Spread it well and evenly on a parchment paper line baking sheet. Now bake it at 350 degree Fahrenheit for about 10 minutes. Now just take it out of your oven and allow it to cool. Now place them in an air tight container.

This crunchy easy to make cereal stuff is most recommended by naturopathies as it makes one get off the craving pangs for a much longer period.

Moreover fresh avocadoes, tomatoes, onions, can be all mixed up to make a dip sauce which can be combined with the sugar free corn chips.

View more information on Candida cleanse , Undigested food and Candida diet. This expertise of author has really been appreciated by viewers..


Fiber Diet

Fiber Diet

Being overweight is something that most people struggle with at some point in their lives. This makes use of an infinite number of diet plans available in today’s society. Start a diet high in fiber may be a good way not only lose weight but also improve health. The fiber is a group of food substances present in plant foods, which can not be digested by digestive enzymes. However, there are some types of fibers are attacked by the intestinal microflora and then absorbed.

Foods rich in fiber should be a fundamental part of the diet because they provide energy and contain important principles for health, including vitamins and minerals. They also have very little fat and calorie content is similar to that greasy meat. Eating foods rich in fiber can help control obesity and prevent ingestion of fats because they provide the body with a great sense of satiety. The reason lies in its ability to absorb water, causing swelling and fill the stomach.

Thus diets containing a fairly high percentage of fiber get to reduce body weight and eliminate the anxiety of state the constant feeling of hunger, especially soluble fiber that stays longer in the digestive system. In addition to combat obesity and help control cholesterol, fiber has a key role in constipation prevention and protection in respect certain types of cancers. But this does not imply that we choking fiber. Too high a dose of this component, as is sometimes done as often in the form of bran or whole grains, may interfere with calcium absorption or cause intestinal problems such as diarrhea, flatulence, heaviness, etc..

The recommended dose of fiber is 20 to 35 g per day. There are two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble. You need to consume a little of both. Some sources of soluble fiber: peas, lentils, oat bran, barley, apples, oranges, carrots, peaches, beets. Some sources of insoluble fiber, oat bran, fruit skins, whole grains, cauliflower, whole grain breads, wheat bran, whole grain pastas. Soluble fiber helps regulate blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol and removes toxins, among other benefits. The non-soluble, helps prevent varicose veins, hemorrhoids, colitis and constipation.

Lowers cholesterol levels and prevents the formation of gallstones. Fiber is found mostly in plant foods, some more and fewer. Some fiber-rich vegetables are spinach and chard. Also legumes such as chickpeas, lentils and beans also have amino acid and polyunsaturated fatty acids, a huge amount of fiber which makes them suitable complement to any diet. Some fruits such as kiwi, plums or grapes possess substances having laxative in its composition which can be used, in addition to its fiber content, its accelerating effect on intestinal transit.

GERD diet

GERD diet

Acid reflux or Gastroesophageal Reflux disease (GERD) is a simple, yet at times quite distressing disease that may be each agonizing and also persistent. The GERD diet is usually a component of a complete treatment plan which includes equally changes in lifestyle along with prescription medication along with eating modifications.

A diet program is necessary to both lessen soreness and enable treatment in the affected parts of the esophagus. The modifications in this specific diet plan consist of ingesting a smaller amount and also eating meals which are tolerated and thus get rid of the painful indicators of gerd.

The GERD diet plan should be only one particular component of the gerd treatment plan. A diet can be used to prevent development of the disease and allow for treatment in the impacted areas. The dietary plan contains foods which are mild and do not result in a relaxation of tension inside the abdomen, thereby opening up the lower esophageal sphincter (LES).

The meals are generally lighter in weight plus consuming prior to sleeping is removed. These are undertaken so that you can stop acid reflux signs or symptoms during the night.

Before beginning a GERD diet program you retain a food diary of meals which are consumed, how much as well as all signs and symptoms which are experienced besides the intensity of ache. It is used to know what meals tend to be leading to the symptoms and also exactly what foods seem to assist.

Chewing gum has long been determined to promote continuous production of salivation. This particular saliva includes a higher ph level and it’s potential that this could enhance an organic antacid result upon the LES. Therefore, gum chewing on the GERD diet plan is urged whenever possible.

The dietary plan, as mentioned above, utilizes the completed meal journal and eradicates virtually all meals that have formerly triggered acid reflux disease. Additionally, while using GERD diet plan it is recommended that all meals are lighter, especially in the evening hours just before sleeping. This can help avoid night time incidences. Whole milk, in the past thought by many to stop acid reflux disease, continues to be shown to in fact result in this when ingested before bedtime. Thus ingesting of dairy before sleep is actually forbidden. Alcoholic beverages, is banned as it happens to be proven to trigger acid reflux.

On the other hand, caffeine, which previously was automatically eradicated within the GERD diet, is actually authorized as tolerated, since it has been revealed that not most people are very sensitive to coffee. Within the GERD diet additional meals, also earlier banned like peppermint, spearmint, and also chocolate in addition to hot and spicy food are usually authorized as tolerated. The reason being the theory in which milk treats ulcers and gerd and hot, spicy food items worsen it is often discovered being somewhat of a myth.

The GERD diet program can be one of the ways you will get relief for your heartburn. It’s also a significant part of acid reflux treatment and it’s used to reduce critical complications of GERD. So, make sure to comply with your doctor or nutritionist’s guidance should they decide to put you on a GERD diet plan.

If you are interested in more information on acid reflux, please go to: GERD diet

Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet

Well, to begin with, there isn’t really any one Mediterranean Diet! There’s a whole swag of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The basic Mediterranean Diet has common characteristics even if the sourrounding countries differ in culture, language and recipes to some extent.

* an extensive intake of fruits, vegetables, bread and cereals, potatoes, beans, nuts and seeds
* olive oil is a source of mono-unsaturated fat – common to the Mediterranean area
* some dairy products, fish and even poultry are consumed in sparing to moderate amounts, and some red meat(not much)
* eggs are consumed in low to moderate amount say 1 to 4 eggs a week
* fortunately wine is acceptable but in low quantities ie. 1 – 3 glasses per day

A good question to ask is – Does a Mediterranean-style diet follow American Heart Association dietary guidelines?

Mediterranean-style diets are often close to US dietary guidelines, but not exactly.

People who follow the average Mediterranean diet eat less saturated fat than those who eat the average American diet. In fact, saturated fat consumption is well within US dietary guidelines. More than half the fat calories in a Mediterranean diet come from mono-unsaturated fats (mainly from olive oil). Mono-unsaturated fat doesn’t raise blood cholesterol levels the way saturated fat does.

The incidence of heart disease in Mediterranean countries is lower than in the United States. Death rates are lower, too.
However there are some who feel this may not be entirely due to the diet. Lifestyle factors (ie. more physical activity and extended social family support structures) may also play a part. At this stage this is just a theory. However the research tells all – the diet has existed for umpteen years.

If you would like further proof of the mediterranean diet benefits resulting from research and qualified researchers you could try visiting or Both of these sites give good ‘food for thought'(excuse the pun).

“Olive oil plays a central role, but it is not alone,” says Dimitrios Trichopoulos, MD, PhD, of Harvard School of Public Health.

“It’s among the divine mix of several factors that, when used in combination, help provide strong evidence of something that is very important — eating the proper diet can significantly reduce your risk of early death.”

He and researchers from Greece studied some 22,000 adults, aged 20 to 86, from all regions of that country; most previous studies tracked only older people who were more likely to die during the study. The participants answered detailed questionnaires about their eating habits throughout the four-year study. Then they were rated on how closely they followed the key principles of the Mediterranean diet.

Sticking to the Mediterranean diet cut the risk of death from both heart disease and cancer. For every two points higher on this 0-to-9 scale — with top numbers going to those most closely following the Mediterranean diet — the death rate dropped by 25%.

The findings by Trichopoulos may also help explain why Asians, who typically use these other cooking oils, also have lower disease and death rates. Although they rarely use olive oil, they traditionally follow other principles of the Mediterranean diet — lots of produce, legumes, nuts, and minimally processed grains, with little saturated fat.

“The message remains the same, and is consistent with other findings: A diet lower in saturated fats and higher in monounsaturated fats, and potentially, polyunsaturates, will result in better health outcomes,” says Alice H. Lichtenstein, DSc, of Tufts University and a spokeswoman for the American Heart Association.

“If the main message that Americans get is to just increase their olive or canola oil consumption, that’s unfortunate because they will increase their caloric intake and they are already getting too many calories. What they need to do is eat more fruits, vegetables, and legumes and fewer foods rich in saturated fats.”

Some of this information has been referenced from The New England Journal of Medicine, June 26, 2003. Dimitrios Trichopoulos, MD, PhD, professor of epidemiology, Vincent L. Gregory Professor of Cancer Prevention, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston. Alice H. Lichtenstein, DSc, senior scientist and director, Cardiovascular Nutrition Laboratory, Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Researcher Center on Aging, Tufts University, Boston; spokeswoman, American Heart Association.

So in a nutshell, there is sound evidence that the Mediterranean Diet can help reduce heart disease, cancer, weight gain and of course reduce the risk of early death. However, it would be a mistake to think this outcome is based on the use of Olive Oil alone. The diet is diverse and allows for taste and creativity which is often lacking in most other diets. This alone warrants further investigation from those who seek a healthy, easy diet that has flavour and is fullfilling. Remember too that just as in all worthwhile diets, moderate level exercise should not be overlooked.

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Prasouda Diet

Prasouda Diet


Prasouda the diet, also known as the Mediterranean diet, is much more than just some food to eat, it’s actually a long-term style of life. The blend of an energetic lifestyle and nutrition of food present at that location with a stress-free approach, the Prasouda Mediterranean diet is one of the best approach to your body in shape, keeping your skin beautiful and your internal organs clean.

Many of the diet fads that you require specific health supplements and additional products to buy full compliance with the diet program. However, the Prasouda Diet is completely zero cost. You do not see dealers trying to sell you their products, to see that everything you need can be found in the food you could generally buy and consume. One of the main features of this unique diet plan is undoubtedly the high daily allowance of extra virgin olive oil. Many cases the cooking of food you want butter or oil, make sure to switch to olive oil. A staple of this diet consists of high daily allowance of fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to whole grains and legumes. Carbohydrates are acceptable given that they are not refined. You can use a large amount of fish that contain omega-3 have, consume moderate amounts of meat and other saturated fats and have four or five eggs per week. Excessive intake of milk, yogurt and cheese (especially fresh goat cheese) is acceptable as long as you decide on items with high saturated fats. Red wine in moderation is good for your overall health, and you can be sure one or two small glasses a day with your food. When you snack, choose nuts if you consume together to buy lots of excellent fat with protein.

One of the key components in Prasouda Mediterranean diet is not really the food itself, but the additional active lifestyle that includes plenty of exercise. The answer to better health should be to your entire body with all the essential nutrients it needs in order to function better and a lot of practice to ensure you’re working your cardiovascular system, lungs and all muscle. You do not even have to do heavy physical condition, but only just start going for walks by you or your friends if you do not require that type of gear and everyone is able to do it. Walk in a very comfortable pace initially and then the difficulty increase as you start, for example by running a lot faster, walking uphill and then run for a longer period of time. Other low impact physical exercise to start walking, swimming laps, cycling and yoga exercise. It is certainly not a matter just what kind of activity you decide to get involved in as long as you are moving or slimming.

Remember that it is a way of life, one that individuals within the Mediterranean region have been familiar with for a while. Take time to enjoy your meals with other people in your life. Spend some time in conversation over dinner with your family and friends. If you slow down to enjoy dinner with others you’ll find yourself taking a lot less, because your body will quickly feel full without taking in much of calories. Do you find yourself feeling better about yourself because you consume fewer calories and healthier products, which in turn will allow you to lose weight and feel healthy, that is the purpose of the Mediterranean diet.

Information just like this will help you discover some latest prasouda diet news that you will love, and also some of the best new and fast in use prasouda diet informations.

Diet Vs Diet

Diet Vs Diet

Americans spend tens of billions of dollars a year in their quest for losing weight, and getting fit. As I’ve said before, there are a number of different approaches to dieting, and a number of these approaches will produce results. The key is in finding an approach that works for YOU, and one you can be CONSISTENT with.

Listed here, for you, are some of the most popular diets available today, some information about them, and the results of some studies done by some of the top universities in the country. The studies followed groups of people following one of the specific diets listed, and compared the weight loss results of each group of dieters after extended periods of time. So which diet will shed the most pounds after a year? Keep on reading to find out…the results may surprise you!

The Diets:

Atkins Diet (low carb)
A high protein diet, encourages some form of meat at every meal, and restricts carbohydrates.
Calorie Breakdown:
20% Carbs
30% Protein
50% Fat

Weight Watchers (low fat)
Emphasizes portion control. Encourages grains, fruits, vegetables, and modest servings of meat.
Calorie Breakdown:
50% Carbs
20% Protein
30% Fat

Zone Diet
40/30/30 ratio theoretically stabilizes hormones that trigger hunger and weight gain.
Calorie Breakdown:
40% Carbs
30% Protein
30% Fat

Mediterranean Diet
Prescribes grains, vegetables, and sources of healthy fats such as olive oil and nuts.
Calorie Breakdown:
45% Carbs
20% Protein
35% Fat

Ornish Diet (Low fat vegetarian)
Recommends eliminating nuts, meat, and fish.
Calorie Breakdown:
70% Carbs
10% Fat


Low Carb vs. Low Fat vs. Mediterranean

Pounds lost at six months: Low carb 14 lbs, WW 10lbs, Mediterranean 10 lbs

Final loss (two years): Low carb 12 lbs, WW 7 lbs, Mediterranean 10 lbs

Low Carb vs. Low Fat vs. Zone vs. Ornish

Pounds lost at six months: Low carb 14 lbs, WW 9 lbs, Zone 6 lbs, Ornish 6 lbs

Final loss (one year): Low carb 10, WW 6 lbs, Zone 4 lbs, Ornish 5 lbs

Low Fat vs. Exercise

Pounds lost at six weeks: WW 6 lbs, Exercise 2 lbs

Final loss (three months): WW 9 lbs, Exercise 3 lbs

So what does this mean for you?

Well, by looking at the numbers, you can see that all of the diets produced results. And, with the exception of the subjects following the Mediterranean diet, the dieters tended to gain some of the weight they had lost back over the long term. This is most likely because they failed to follow the diet as strictly over time as they had in the beginning.

This is a problem most dieters have with most diets…consistency. Everyone charges out of the gate ready to cut down on carbs, fat, or to consume the magic ratio, only to find that after a period of time this way of eating is something they can’t maintain over the long term. It’s not a change they’re willing to make with the rest of their life.

My advice to you is the same as always…choose something that’s right for YOU. Choose foods you like, eliminate the refined ones, and consume in MODERATION in combination with EXERCISE. The above diets work because they control the amount, and in most cases, the type of food being eaten. As should be evident from the results, the control part is much more important than the type of food being eaten.

So take control of what you eat. If one of theses diets works for you, then GREAT! Pick it, and stick with it. If none of them float your boat, no problem. Choose the foods that work for you, control how much you eat, and be consistent. Combine your efforts with some exercise, commit to sticking with it for at least a year, and watch what happens.

James Steffy, CSCS



Diet Modifications to Decrease Fats

I’m sure that anyone will do anything just to get rid of those unwanted and unhealthy body fats that are deeply deposited in one’s body. Along with regular exercise, a healthy diet is recommended in order to achieve a healthier or sexier body. But there is always a barrier that separates us from our dreams. In this case, it will be the food. Those delicious mouth-watering stuffs that we just can’t ignore and no matter how we resist them. It still manages to get in side of our system. But there is always a way to keep our love for foods intact. One way of doing it is to carefully choose the food we ate. Here are some great things to know about the food we love and therefore decreasing our fat intake in the process.


 – When it comes to drink, water is the healthiest stuff for you and there is nothing better than that. But I know there will be time when water is just not enough. When choosing milk, choose skim milk or skim buttermilk. They contain lesser body fat than regular whole milk and chocolate milk by up to 50% and say no to evaporated milk. When it comes to sodas, they don’t contain fat contents but they do contain a bombshell of sugar. Keep your soft drink intake for just 2-3 regular cans a week.


- Choose whole grain, soda crackers and bagel breads. Unbuttered and whole grain cereals are also recommended since they contain lesser fats. Avoid tortillas, muffins with frostings, sweet rolls and sugar dipped pancakes. These stuffsare usually made with egg whites and unhealthy oils that contain loads of unsaturated fat.


- This goes to all meat lovers out there. When choosing poultry meat, choose the breast part with no skin on it. Ducks and goose contains huge deposits of fats so it is not so healthy for a health enthusiast. For beef, the best cuts to use are the flank, sirloin, tenderloin and flank steak. Avoid processed beef like corned beef and beef ribs. For pork, almost every part except the internal organs contains almost the same amount of body fat so any cut of pork will do as long as all visible fats are removed. Avoid pork ribs spare ribs, sausages, ground pork and hamcocks. Avoid processed fished especially if they are canned and have lots of oil in them.  You should also avoid bologna, salami and pimiento loaf.

- But this doesn’t mean you have to cut all connections between you and these delicious meat cuts and meat products. You are still required to eat some of these in order to complete your nutritional needs.  You just have to minimize your intake of them, the general guideline in eating meat is. Your portion should not be bigger that the palm of your hand.


- Desserts and sweets should be done in moderation. The recommended desserts that contains lesser loads of fats are, vanilla wafers, graham crackers, yogurt, molasses, gumdrops and pudding made with skim milk. You should avoid any desserts that contain buttered milk or eggs.

Then again, you really don’t have to stop eating the foods that are loaded with fats. You just have to know your portion and you should only eat unhealthy foods in moderation. You may also want to talk to a professional dietician so that he or she can come up with exact measurements for you. Don’t also try to follow a diet regime from someone else because we all have different body composition and what works for others may not work for you.


Dangers of South Beach Diet

Dangers of South Beach Diet
Dangers of South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet is considered to be a healthy diet, which is concerned on the right carbohydrates and the right fats for a healthy body. As such, many people were drawn to it believing that the South Beach Diet is really the best diet for them.

However, out of this good reputation that the South Beach Diet maintained, still there are some attacks and bad comments about the diet. Well, we don’t need to be surprised about this, for this is how the world is set.

What then is the importance of the principle of “yin and yang” if there is only one side for everything? There could be biases, prejudices, and imbalances, right?

So, even though there is really no noted “big” South Beach Diet danger, still there are certain resources which hold that the South Beach Diet danger surface when the improper application of the diet is made.
Lack of Information and Understanding

Numerous resources have noted that part of the South Beach Diet is the lack of information or understanding about the diet. From the word “lack” alone, a sort of South Beach Diet danger is then viewed.

According to many studies, the South Beach Diet danger surfaced for the reason that the South Beach Diet is very demanding for those that are accustomed to carbohydrate-rich diets.
Lapsing Into the Old Eating Habits

In line with such view for the South Beach Diet danger, it is also noted that one of the largest South Beach Diet dangers surface when there is a lapsing into the old eating habits.

This was considered to be a South Beach Diet danger for the reason that this lapsing will result in speedy weight gain. Along with that, this part of the South Beach Diet danger may then be a new way of life.
Lack of Willpower

In relation to such fact, another support states that a great South Beach Diet danger will also surface when there is a lack of willpower exerted for the diet, especially from the carbohydrates lovers.

In fact, it is a common view that there is always the South Beach Diet danger of lapsing back into old eating habits and increasing the carbohydrate consumption without even realizing it.
Steps To Overcome These South Beach Diet Dangers

So to battle this one of the common South Beach Diet dangers, Dr. Arthur Agatston himself recommends that the dieters who do lapse and end up on placing some of the weight back on should then be immediately switch back to the first phase of the South Beach Diet for a short while.

This recommendation is given not only to battle such South Beach Diet danger but also to prevent from the occurrence of several South Beach Diet dangers. It is also interesting to know that if this South Beach Diet danger is not prevented earlier, this will lead to an excess in weight gain.

With such mentioned possible South Beach Diet dangers, the South Beach Diet then received mixed reviews from most dieters. Despite the South Beach Diet dangers, many people still consider the South Beach Diet as an updated version of the Atkins diet that is a far more balanced diet.

Only one thing that this diet plan does do is really to educate the dieters in eating the correct food to reduce heart disease, high cholesterol levels, and other South Beach Diet dangers.